Don’t forget the 2009 Sieger show tour!

To all who are interested in the 2009 Sieger Show in Germany.      Also, a request to website owners to make it known on your pages:

Please let your “doggie” friends know that time is getting short, in regard to plans for this year’s (non-profit) Sieger Show trip. In order to make sure of rooms and rental vehicles, I need definite commitments (deposits and details) from all who will participate. Please forward to any and all who you think might be interested in joining this year’s show and tour. Thanks. As always, I divide my expenses-only among the participants.

We will arrive in Munich the morning of August 27 (Thursday), which will mean those coming from the USA or some other countries must leave at least the previous day. Kennels are relatively scarce in Bavaria, but I have arranged a visit to the famous WildsteigerLand and am waiting for confirmation re the Jahnhohe folks. Unfortunately, very few clubs have training functions during the week following the big show. Also, the number of tour participants who have signed up so far is so low, and the US economy such that I had to shorten it by one day compared to previous years’ length and activities.

You will meet breeders, get an SV judge’s perspective on the show and dogs, have your questions answered, and enjoy one of the most delightful parts of Germany. Including some fantastic scenery, the castles of King Ludwig (one of them inspired the Disneyland “castle”), the Alps, Bavarian costumes & food, and more. Most flights leave Munich early-morning on Wed., the 2nd of Sept.

Again, I urge you to forward this to anyone possibly interested, and to websites that might reach those who do not know about the tours I’ve been leading for the past two decades. Join us and Gemütlichkeit! Fred Lanting, tour guide