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Now accepting PayPal

I’d like to announce that this site is now accepting PayPal for ordering Fred’s Books for our client’s ease. If you wish to order one of the books and you live inside the continental USA, please click on the “Buy Now” button below each product.

After you click the button you will be redirected to the PayPal site where you can pay for these books. Your transaction will show up as PayPal and/or Canine Computing (this site’s webmaster).

Thank you all for your continued patronage and support for Fred! Also, please remember not to purchase any Orthopedics book “by Fred Lanting” with the green covers, these are illegal copes. The most recent and legal copy is the blue covered books. Feel free to use the contact button above if you have any questions.


(From the admin)

You’ll see some Google ads now on this site.  As much as I would not like to put them on there the cost of domain registrations and hosting are going up.  Instead of cutting back, I’ve added these in to help pay the bills.  The ads on this site are in no way affiliated with Fred Lanting or the site administrators.  The ads being here is not an endorsement of any kind from Fred Lanting or the site admin.

If you click on the ads you do so at your own risk, Fred Lanting or the site administrators do not take any responsibility nor do we have much say in the ads being displayed an what they advertise.

The same goes with the search bar.