FredLanting.org has acquired FredLanting.com

(from the site admin)

A few months ago we had an opportunity to acquire FredLanting.com from the previous owner and we jumped on the chance. Unfortunately, due to ICANN regulations, even though we legally purchased it, we could not control it for 60 days after we had purchased it (domain red tape).

As of September 24th, 2008 the domain, FredLanting.com was no longer under the control of the person trying to profit of of Fred’s success or the registrar that registered it for him (also trying to profit off of Fred’s success) and now it is under the control of the admins for FredLanting.org (with Fred’s permission).

Since we have been promoting FredLanting.org as the main site, for now you will be redirected to FredLanting.org when you type FredLanting.com into your browser (to comply with Google’s regulations in reference to “duplicate content).

Welcome to Fred Lanting / Willow Wood Consulting

This site will be an official communication hub for Fred Lanting including, but not limited to, articles, book news, Sieger show schedule, where else Fred will be, and other areas of interest from Fred Lanting.

All articles will be posted with Fred’s personal permission and all links on the site are authorized by Fred.

This is also a place where you can buy the official Fred Lanting books!

Feel free to browse the site by clicking on links to the left. Purchases though the Amazon.com portal will help fund this site.

Any information presented in this site is copyrighted materials and may not be reproduced in any way without the sole permission of Fred Lanting. Doing so is a violation of international copyright laws.

A warning about FredLanting.com and MrGSD.com

The two domains, FredLanting.com and MrGSD.com are NOT Fred Lanting, they are not authorized by him, nor do any sales though this site go though Fred. Please do not go to these sites. Click here for more information. FredLanting.com is an illegal site according to ICANN regulations.