Described as “the American ‘War and Peace’”, the new two-volume novel, CONFLICT,
by Fred Lanting is now available direct from the author at a special temporary (introductory) price of $60 ppd*, in the USA. See order instructions below.
Inquire about postage to other countries: .

Drawing on a background as a writer, poet, and former college instructor, as well as memories of WW-2 and Korea, the author chronicles the life of a man in conflict, Col. Stan Thomas. A pacifist who becomes a war hero, a man deeply in love who loses his young wife, a soft-spoken academic with nightmares and secrets about the men he has killed, Prof. Thomas lives a quiet public life, and tries to maintain an arm’s-length relationship with a philandering preacher with whom he seems to share some disturbing Doppelgänger similarities.

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