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Twin Championship Dog Shows & Obedience Trials (Hyberabad, India)

Fred will be judging at the Twin Championship dog show & obedience trial.

Dates:  December 14th and 15th, 2013

Location:  HITEX International Exhibition Centre, Hitech City, Hyderabad

Fred will also be conducting a seminar on December 14th.

You can register at and for more information you can email info (at) Hyderabadcanineclub (dot) org 


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USCA Sieger Show – Lake Geneva, WI May 10-13, 2013

Expert handler has classes available for UScA Sieger Showusca2


May 10, 2013 weekend: I have classes available; let me know ASAP if you would like me to show your dog. I offer many years experience as an expert show handler, and as an SV breed judge. I know the judges well, what they are looking for, and what they want from handlers. Remuneration negotiable, but I ask for only a pro-rated share of my expenses, not any extra fee for handling. (The more dogs I show, the lower the amount.)

Whether or not I show your dog, I will have copies of my books available. You really should have the GSD book and the Orthopedics Disorders book, too. Order in advance so I pack enough for the trip.

2010 Sieger Show Report

Sept. 3-5, 2010, Nürnberg (aka Nuremberg):

As most of my readers know, I have been sharing my impressions of the Sieger Show (known in Germany as the Hauptzuchtschau) for a couple of decades. In these years, I have been leading tour groups to this main breed show, with several subsequent days spent visiting notable breeders and local training clubs. I try to offer a mix of: 1. Intensive dog study (including teaching novices about the breed, the show, and the particular dogs; 2. Introductions to breeders (usually some of my group will buy a dog from one or more of them); and 3. Sightseeing. This compromise gives something to everyone.

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2009 Sieger Show Impressions and Tour Report

For a couple of decades, I have been taking small tour groups (one to three vehicles) on guided tours of Europe, with the Sieger Show as the centerpiece. For those reading about this for the first time, this show is the world’s largest single-breed dog show, and has competitors from various countries all around the globe. My background as an SV breed judge, combined with my lifetime of activity in the breed, species, and sport have enabled me to offer the best experience of this sort. I predict, explain, teach, guide, and introduce. If you would like to have fun and “save and see” along with a group of friendly fellow dog-lovers, contact me as soon as possible after the first of the year. Email Mr.GSD (@) for details on my non-profit tours. Continue reading

Don’t forget the 2009 Sieger show tour!

To all who are interested in the 2009 Sieger Show in Germany.      Also, a request to website owners to make it known on your pages:

Please let your “doggie” friends know that time is getting short, in regard to plans for this year’s (non-profit) Sieger Show trip. In order to make sure of rooms and rental vehicles, I need definite commitments (deposits and details) from all who will participate. Please forward to any and all who you think might be interested in joining this year’s show and tour. Thanks. As always, I divide my expenses-only among the participants.

We will arrive in Munich the morning of August 27 (Thursday), which will mean those coming from the USA or some other countries must leave at least the previous day. Kennels are relatively scarce in Bavaria, but I have arranged a visit to the famous WildsteigerLand and am waiting for confirmation re the Jahnhohe folks. Unfortunately, very few clubs have training functions during the week following the big show. Also, the number of tour participants who have signed up so far is so low, and the US economy such that I had to shorten it by one day compared to previous years’ length and activities.

You will meet breeders, get an SV judge’s perspective on the show and dogs, have your questions answered, and enjoy one of the most delightful parts of Germany. Including some fantastic scenery, the castles of King Ludwig (one of them inspired the Disneyland “castle”), the Alps, Bavarian costumes & food, and more. Most flights leave Munich early-morning on Wed., the 2nd of Sept.

Again, I urge you to forward this to anyone possibly interested, and to websites that might reach those who do not know about the tours I’ve been leading for the past two decades. Join us and Gemütlichkeit! Fred Lanting, tour guide

Anouncing the 2009 Sieger show tour!

General info on The Sieger Show Experience with tour guide Fred Lanting

The  SV Bundessieger-Zuchtschau (BSZS or Sieger Show) in Germany is generally held in the last week of August or first week in September at a different location each year, depending on stadiums available. (The cost of stadium for this one-weekend event, and the competition with soccer/football events that sign contracts for many per year, determine the choice.) For the past 20 years or so, I have offered my non-profit 6-7-day guided tour of the show and sightseeing, including visits to kennels and training clubs. Get an SV judge’s perspective of the bloodlines and procedures, along with experienced introductions to Germany’s culture and beauty. My groups come from all parts of the globe, so even just the companionship is like a world-travel experience.  We usually arrive on the Wed. or Thurs. before the show, and return the following Wednesday.

Looking for a great dog-related experience combined with seeing a different part of the world? Whatever your breed or activity in dogs, the annual Lanting guided show-and-sightseeing tour could be the experience of a lifetime. Read my annual “Impressions” articles on various websites for an idea of what we’ve seen in recent years. Tours centered on other countries’ Sieger Shows, the BSP, and world Schutzhund trials are also available if enough people sign up.

None of “my people” have ever been sorry, and all have wished they had done it earlier! You will see the best of the breed, meet important GSD people, sometimes see another country or two, and have the over-all greatest dog show experience of your life. I also include, if you decide to join us, a variety of travel tips. I offer an SV conformation judge’s perspective of the show (I also have AKC, UKC, and foreign judging experience). One year, when a travel-agency tour leader again deserted his group, they came to where my group was sitting and asked me questions. References available from previous tour participants. Testimonials are numerous. I hope you will join us and recommend this tour to your friends and acquaintances. As a judge with much experience in Schutzhund training and competition, and being very familiar with Western Europe, I am able to give the best tour possible.  People going it on their own cannot see the important parts of the country (sometimes we tour adjacent countries, too), and paying for your rental car is more than chipping in to pay for the van and my expenses. Read my “Impressions” on various websites for an idea of what we’ve seen in recent years.

There will be 3 long days of the big show, and about 3 to 4 days of sightseeing and visits. Please let me know as soon as you can, with a $400 (US) deposit, so I can start putting my notification list together and finalize (hold) hotel reservations for you. There is a lot of work involved in putting together such a tour! I will make the hotel plans based on your deposits, & arrange the visits and van(s). Easy, fun, educational and, for most — the unique trip of a lifetime. You will not be any younger next year, and if you don’t make the decision to get out there and smell the roses NOW, while you think of it, you’re more likely than not to lose the opportunity and desire.  Join the group! Tell others about it, too.

Predictions for 2008

Every year some of my GSD friends ask me to look into my crystal ball and predict the main winners of the upcoming Sieger Show. It might be fun to pretend that I’m clairvoyant, but my prognostications really are based on more mundane things: my background as an SV judge; I know the judges who are officiating; I go to the Sieger Show every year and visit top kennels most years; and I know the SV system. While there may be some surprises, such as dogs being sold to China and not being available for the show, I usually predict with about 85% or greater accuracy who will be in the VA males classification, and many who will be high-V.

While Quenn Löher Weg probably has many more winning offspring and will likely have the most impressive progeny class, it will be very difficult to beat last year’s Sieger Pakros. For one thing, Pakros has a Sieger as his sire and Quenn does not. For another, a German is one of Pakros’ owners, while Quenn is owned by a Brit. Now, Pakros is six years old and traditionally dogs of that age are retired, so it’s possible that Pakros and last year’s VA3 Dux (same age) may stay home this year. That would indicate that the battle would likely be between Quenn and the Pakros son Vegas du Haut Mansard. Vegas has also been used a lot for breeding, and will have a big progeny class. He has the advantage of having a Sieger for a sire and of being partly owned by Pakros’ German handler. Believe me, these nuances really do play a part in this “German national show”. His drawbacks include “near-normal” hips and a very wide action in front (seen coming toward you), which he passes on to most of his offspring.

I think Orbit Huhnegrab will retire or sit this one out, and the fight for VA3 will be between Nando Gollerweiher and Ingodds Agazzi; I predict the latter will pass Nando. For VA5, the very handsome Yak son Odin Holtkaemper Hof might move up. Godalis Tino will almost certainly be VA this year, but probably behind Uran Wilhelmswarte, so look for them around the VA6 – 9 spots. The other ones in that neighborhood could well be the Mack Aduct son Aron Terra dei Forti and the Zamp son Negus Holtkaemper See. Budiman Salihin’s Yerom will probably be in the V1 to V3 area, right next to Quantum Fiemereck (a wonderful dog with great pedigree). I doubt the Larus son V1 Yimmy Contra will be there this year.

Dogs to watch for, many of whom should be high in the V category: I hope Reinhardt gives a better placing to the exciting Timo son Arex vom Herbramer-Wald than he’s had the last couple years. This crowd favorite has the same marvelous shoulder opening and reach as his sire and carries on the qualities of the great Quando Arminius. The Peruvian Xaro v. b. Harten (Zamp Thermodos son), Digger Elzmündungsraum, Taureg Bad-Boll, Furbo degli Achei, Bruno Val D’Anzin, Tiras Roten Feld, Panjo Kirschental, Sony Heinrichplatz, Jumbo Zenevredo, and X-Box Precision. A dark-horse (surprise) high-V winner might be Arex v Haus Neoplantum.

Bitches are a lot harder to predict, because they often make one big splash in the competition, then go to the whelping box for the rest of their fame. But you should see the Negus daughter Paula Gut Lethe near the top; she really knocked my socks off last year. Other top prospects for Siegerin are Lana Zenteiche and Chanel degli Achei, with Anika Herdersfarm and Nadia della Loggia dei Mercanti close behind. Ronja Haus Burow will be high in the standings. If she shows up, Benny d’Ulmental also should be in the top group. Watch also for Tiana Fichtenschlag as well as Viana Fichtenschlag, Anika Herdersfarm, Romina Piste Trophe, Hazel vom Winnloh, Rimini vd Zenteiche, Birdy du Domaine du Parc, Palme vd Zomerdijkslanden, Biene vom Valtenberg, Flora di Casa Nobili, and Pitty vd Freiheit Westerholt,

Things that can throw my predictions off include sales to people in foreign countries, bitches talking time off for whelping or blowing their coats for estrus, and of course a poor performance in the courage test. So many show dogs are given “passing grades” at the Friday courage test, that they are seen by the breed judge later without any indication that their character was not really what is worthy of high placings. That is why I want to see as many of these dogs doing their bitework as possible, and make up my own mind as to whether they deserve the breeding recommendations that come with a high Sieger Show placing. Friday is a long day, but unless you tough it out and see what the dogs really have in them, you can be fooled by how they do the next day.

Tell your GSD friends to join my group next year. If you, the reader of this little forecast, are going on this year’s tour, compare my predictions, stay close in case you have questions, and enjoy!


Fred Lanting, annual Sieger Show tour director.