Fred’s predictions with the 2013 Kassel Sieger Show

Fred’s predictions at the time (August 17, 2013):

I expect good VA recognition for Nino Tronje if he is shown (he’s mostly owned by Mort Goldfarb), plus Enosch Amasis, Omen Radhaus, Mentos Osterbergerland, Quattro Partnachklamm, Labo Schollweiher, Etoo Wattenscheid (if his bitework is good enough), Fulz Zenevredo, and Yankee Feuermelder. The Furbo son Leo Zenteiche might be VA, as he is owned by Christoph Ludwig (very influential) though there is pressure this year to vary the bloodlines more.

The Remo son Figo Nordteich stands a good chance, and the Vegas son Tyson Fixfrutta does, too.  The Enosch son Kronos stands a chance, too… I was very impressed with him last year. Others who will place very high include: Ballack Brucknerallee, Schumann Tronje, Chacco Freiheit Westerholt, Iliano Fichtenschlag, Yoker Pendler, Pepe Kuckucksland, and Pacco Langenbungert.

You may not have been aware of the rules change, but this year the SV is not going to rank the VA dogs as 1, 2, 3, etc. They may be presented only in catalog order.  The SV did this in 1941 and `42; as well as the years 1974, `75, `76, and `77.  The judges (as instructed by the SV board) are also trying to vary the bloodlines more, so there may be some surprises for us.

Post-note: I just learned that top contender Hagadahl’s Figo died last year ago, unfortunately.

Actual results:

VA Chacco von der Freiheit Westerholt, 19.09.08, (Yerom Haus Salihin – Pitty Freiheit Westerholt) Lang Ralf,

VA Leo von der Zenteiche, 25.11.10, (Furbo Achei – Yanka Zenteiche) Ludwig Christoph,

VA Fulz di Zenevredo,21.10.08, (Furbo Achei – Jemy Zenevredo) Heigl Franz,

VA Paer vom Hasenborn, 19.09.06, (Quenn Löher Weg – Yada Mittelwest) Verpelli Ambrogio, Italy  (7 yrs old)

VA Iliano vom Fichtenschlag, 03.09.09, (Remo Fichtenschlag – Viana Fichtenschlag) Oßmann Marco,

VA Etoo aus Wattenscheid, 28.03.09, (Paer Hasenborn – Chelsea Wattenscheid) Jani Uday,

VA Cobra d’ Ulmental, 31.10.09, (Remo Fichtenschlag – Venus Ulmental) Tsai Jack, US-Yorba Linda,

VA Omen v. Radhaus, 27.08.09, (Remo Fichtenschlag – Oprah Aurelius) Kao Josephine, TW-Taipei

VA Enosch v. Amasis, 05.02.09, (Ober Bad-Boll – Bali Amasis) Häussler Hans,

VA Labo vom Schollweiher, 07.03.10, (Arex Wilhelmswarte – Fraya Ulmental) Benitz Winfried,

VA Yankee vom Feuermelder, 22.04.10, (Joker Eichenplatz – Amanda Seeteich) Gumbel Ute,

VA Ballack von der Brucknerallee, 03.03.11, (Hagadahls Figo – Clea Königsadler) Gemoets Marc, B-S Gravenwezel

VA Saabat von Aurelius, 03.08.10, (Ober Bad-Boll – Juri Schollweiher) Koller Johann, -Wernberg, Austria

VA Mentos vom Osterberger-Land, 30.04.08, (Nando Gollerweiher – Quencie Osterberger-Land) Wortmann Dirk,

V 1 Rothco’s Ashan Khan NKK,15.05.08, (Solo Köttersbusch – Lille-Nollers Pamina) Gundersen Rune, Fredrikstad N

V 2 Sunyi vom Hühnegrab, 02.10.10, (Dux Intercanina – Pyry Hühnegrab) Graham Victoria,

V 3 Yoker vom Pendler, 14.04.11, (Lennox Regina Pacis – Corsika Pendler) Meinen Wolfgang,

V 4 Pacco vom Langenbungert,25.05.10 (Remo Fichtenschlag – Ankaa Nadelhaus) Weber Bernd,

V 6 Schumann von Tronje, 13.10.10, (Dux Intercanina – Anuschka Jovipe) Meßler Nikolaus,

V 8 Kronos v. Nürburgring, 16.04.11, (Enosch Amasis – Brendha Mhuramel) Rieker Hans-Peter,

V 11 Pepe vom Kuckucksland, 16.01.11, (Fulz Zenevredo – Bella Kuckucksland) Grünewald Ottmar,

V 15 Figo vom Nordteich, 03.09.10, (Remo Fichtenschlag – Aida Nordteich) Schmidt Julia,

V 20 Tyson Fixfrutta, 14.06.11, (Vegas Haut Mansard – Simba Panoniansee) Ravlic Zlatko, HR-Osijek

Nino v Tronje was pulled (excused)… a no-show.


So, you can see that my predictions were again very close. The idea that bloodlines would change was certainly not reflected in the top-placing dogs. Maybe Lothar Quoll or whoever judges next year will see that it does, in 2014.


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